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Dive Report

Dives from Martins Haven, Milford Haven etc

The Wreck of the Thor at Milford Haven, just opposite Dale Fort

The Thor was a Dutch Coaster, 240 feet in length, which was overcome by high swells from a south westerly gale on 2nd November 1942. There were three crewmen on board; two managed to swim on to the rocks at Wattac and the other drowned.

The ship came to rest on its side but soon settled deep into the sediment in an almost upside down position, which for many years has frustrated exploring divers. In 1997 I can remember that the exposed side of the Thor was mostly steel plate covering most of the wreck but in recent years these plates have come away exposing the ribs of the ship.

The wreck itself does not support a great deal of marine life, unlike others in the area such as the Dakotian or Behar but it is fairly rich in small marine creatures. The most common are nudibranch and various anemones, with the occasional spider crab or lobster, and not forgetting our resident friend the conger eel who lives in a large pipe.

If you are into fish spotting then this is the wreck to be on as there are large amounts of wrasse, pollack and vast shoals of pouting. To get the most out of the dive, you need a good torch with a wide beam to capture the vast shoals glistening around you.

The wreck is comparatively small and can be quite difficult to find by transits; it is not uncommon for divers to fail to locate it. You need a GPS to locate it to avoid messing around, and a shot line in case it is not buoyed.

The Maximum depth you can expect to achieve is 22 metres. It is a good intermediate / build up depth wreck for training and experience to go on to deeper wrecks. Take care not to disturb the silt too much at the bottom of the shot line, as this is a slack water dive and the silt cloud does tend to hang around. There is also a large net tangled in the centre of the wreck. It is made from substantial rope so take care.

Richard Hughes