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Sea Life

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Red Dragon Divers has several members who are keen underwater photographers.

Those below were taken by Steve Myatt and can be seen in his book,
"Underwater Photography"

Common Sunstar - found in Pembrokeshire wherever there is a moderate tidal stream.

Triggerfish - these tropical fish visit in shoals between August and October. They grow to 40 cm. and can often be seen off Hen & Chicks and Stack rocks.

Curled Octopus -
Pembrokeshire's most common octopus, it has an arm spread of up to 70 cm.
Nudibranch (sea slug)

Dahlia anemone with plain white tentacles.
Diving with fin nibblers -
Atlantic Grey seals.

Common lobster - with its blue armour and powerful claws it is often seen around the Pembrokeshire coast.
Spider crabs can grow quite large and are seen frequently.

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