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Pembrokeshire Wrecks

Richard Hughes has compiled an excellent resource of Pembrokeshire's wrecks, providing the most up to date GPS locations. The information (updated in Mar 2018) is available in spreadsheet format below:

Pembs Wrecks (xls format). Alternatively a google sheet can be found here .

If you have any suggestions of other sites, or corrections to this edition, please contact Rich via email at

Dakotian N51 42 197. W005 08.334

A British steamer sunk in 1940 by a German parachuted mine in the Haven in 1940 - see John Liddiard's wreck tour. Pristine tin plate and the chance to lift huge chunks of coal with one hand!

Dan Beard N51 42.456. W005 10.108

Under the cliffs of Pwll Deri, the wreck of a Liberty ship fropm the Second World War

Behar N51 42.513. W005 06. 973

Another Haven wreck - read John Liddiard's wreck tour for more details.

Guanito / Barbara N51 39 928. W005.191

Just to the west of Freshwater West, known locally as the GB wreck because it is located beneath a cliff-side gorse bush in the shape of Great Britain, what was thought to be one wreck turned out to be two - the Gunaito and the Barbara. Both lost in the last years of the Nineteenth Century.


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