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Club Facilities

Red Dragon Divershas two well equipped dive boats. They are 5.5 metre Humber rigid inflatables, better known as RIBs. Each one is fitted with a 75hp four-stroke Suzuki outboard engine, purchased in 2003. Both boats are registered under HM Coastguard's emergency rescue scheme and both carry the following items of safety equipment:

VHF radio fishfinder
emergency flares GPS
oxygen fire extinguisher
hypothermia blankets anchors
first aid kits

Red Dragon Divers also has six complete sets of diving equipment, available to trainee members. All equipment is regularly serviced by qualified technicians.

Air is available locally and two members who have their own compressors are happy to supply air to club members.

Boat Shed

The club boat shed is located in a renovated accommodation building on the former airfield at Dale.

A deal was struck between the landowner and the club that if we provided the material and labour, we get the building rent-free for three years and an option to rent at a reasonable price thereafter. Following much hard wark on the part of a number of members (see below!), we now have a secure and convenient location to 'over winter' the boats.


Jackie, Mike, Rod and Louis showing that what goes up must come down! Easter 2010

... and outside the finished shed a few months (and much hard work) later.